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  1. Eng Refresh 14

    by , Today at 01:19 PM (Today at Atelier Kaz - NSX Enthusiast)

    Possibly the block was not washed thoroughly back at the factory as
    I found tiny white sand like objects in one of the head bolt thread.

    If I have the industrial clean air room, I would love to remove the piston,
  2. Eng Refresh 13

    by , Today at 01:03 PM (Today at Atelier Kaz - NSX Enthusiast)

    Front head removed and even before lifting it, I knew something was not right
    as there were several noticeable markings on the head bolts.

  3. Eng Refresh 12

    by , Today at 12:41 PM (Today at Atelier Kaz - NSX Enthusiast)

    While it will survive and fairly normal to see the potting melted away
    on the CRK/CYL sensor, I don't feel comfortable re-using this so going
    to replace it with a new one.

    All inlet valve guides
  4. Eng Refresh 11

    by , Today at 12:11 PM (Today at Atelier Kaz - NSX Enthusiast)

    As seen on many NSX, lots of black gunk at the TH butterfly.

    On this NSX, I couldnít even see the tip of the idle adjust screw so
    probably I need to remove it completely off the TH body, clean the port and
    then replace it together with the o-ring.

    The EACV filter was covered in black debris as well.
    Fast idle
  5. Red + Black = the Fastest colour

    by , 20-04-2014 at 11:27 AM (Today at Atelier Kaz - NSX Enthusiast)

    There are several posts on here regarding the speed difference depending on
    the chassis colour.
    After driving well over 100+ NSX, I didnít feel much difference in acceleration
    unless there were some modifications on the car.

    Still, being as the owner of Formula Red with Berlina Black roof,
    I hope itís the fastest colour in my imagination.

    To coordinate the colour, this is the motherboard for my new
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